My Journey to Weight Loss

My story is probably like many other women trying to lose weight.  It seems like a never ending battle.  Losing and/or maintaining an ideal weight should not be so difficult.  So, why is it such a challenge?  I do not know the definite answer, only the daily struggle.  It is my choice how I deal with this challenge.

I could not believe how out of control my weight and eating habits had become.  Have you heard about the see-food diet?  You eat everything you see.  Well, that was me always stuffing my face with everything I saw.  My clothes did not fit.   I had a few pieces that did but were worn so thin you could see my bra.  The elastic bands were non existent and I used paper clamps to hold my pants up.  I had a closet full of clothes but only one pair of jeans that I could wear.

At the age of 62, I made a decision to lose weight.  I wanted to do something for me and not feel guilty.  One-on-one counseling was the missing link I needed.  There are numerous options to lose weight but you need to find the program that works for you and you alone. I  did my research to find what was available in Grand Island and I found the Diet Center.  It was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.

Eight months later and 90 pounds lighter, I had reached my goal!  The funny thing is that losing weight really wasn't that difficult. The success was due to my attitude and the accountability and guidance given from my counselor.  It is so nice to go shopping for clothes and have several choices.  It is wonderful to walk up a flight of stairs and not be short of breath and my heart feeling like it will beat right out of my chest.  What really made this decision worth it was going in for my yearly doctor's checkup. The weight loss in my 60's has set me up for a higher quality life in my 70's.  When it comes down to it, your health is everything when you don't have it.

If you want to lose weight, you can do it!  There are numerous programs to choose from and the counselors at Diet Center are there to help you.

Here are a few pointers that have helped me:

1. Check your options and what is available

2.  Write down what you eat in a food journal

3.  Measure your food and monitor your portions

4.  Plan, plan, plan!  Make up a meal plan for the next week and have recipes available.

5.  If you're going out to eat, research what you can eat to stay on your program

6.  Don't get stale/bored.  There are tons of recipes available.  Ask Karen or Nikki for recipes.  They can figure out if your 

     favorite recipes will work and help you adjust them according to your plan.

7.  Continue to weigh in after you've reached your goal weight.  It is too easy to fall back to old habits.

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