What's Your Real Size?

After I reached my goal, I was so excited to go shopping for smaller clothing. But I had a hard time adjusting mentally to my new weight. I found myself going to the larger sizes automatically and after taking a bundle into the dressing room, the salesperson asked if these clothes were for me. They were about two sizes too big – she knew it – I did not.

The reverse can be true too. Often (when we do choose to look in the mirror) we only look from the neck up. It’s pretty easy to fool ourselves when we are just looking at our face but then denial can really become strong. We don’t acknowledge the reality of what is really going on. And with leggings and stretch pants, we can’t even tell by the fit of the clothing sometimes!

There are many strategies that we have all used over the years…baggy clothing, black coats – and just not looking. What is your real size? Take a long look in the mirror and access yourself honestly. There will be good features to acknowledge – and of course not so good. But EVERYONE has them. If a thinner, healthier body is ever to emerge from behind our fat cover-ups, it is important that we face our outer image realistically and go to work. After all, what we eat in private shows up in public.


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