What Is Your 'Why'?

Updated: Feb 12

Why are you on a diet?

If your reason is just so you can lose some weight and look good, then you're probably not going to get your desired results. When you hit a rough patch, and you will, you are much more likely to quit, give in and go back to your old unhealthy ways.

I recommend digging in and coming up with a better 'why'. To do this, you must get gut level honest about the reason you want to lose weight and become healthier. Is your reason to lower your blood pressure? Maybe reduce your risk of Type II Diabetes? Walk upstairs without struggling to catch your breath? Eliminate your need of cholesterol medications? When you find your true answer, ask yourself why again. Keep going down this rabbit hole like the annoying kid that keeps asking you why each time you speak. Eventually, you will come up with something more like this...

"I want to lose weight and get healthy because I don't want to live a short life full of limited physical and mental capabilities. I've seen my loved ones die and suffer from complications of diabetes."

"I don't want to be a carb addict anymore and give into those addictions that make me feel like crap. I want to be in charge of my health and what food I consume."

"I want to live a long and healthy life full of physical activity and mental health. I refuse to be confined to a wheelchair or bed in my later years. I don't want to give in to dementia or Alzheimer's."

"I want to be a part of my children's, grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's lives until the day I die. I want to truly be the best version of myself that I can be."

These 'why's' are just examples. Yours may be similar or completely different but the important thing is to find out YOUR why.

Once you have your 'why' I want you to write it down. Physically write it down. There is a better connection in your brain when you physically write something down.

Now put it somewhere you can see it daily. Tape it to your fridge, write it on your bathroom mirror with lipstick or set it as the background of your phone. Put it anywhere you can see it every single day. Better yet, write it down every single day.

This will help you when things get tough, and you want to have a cheat meal. Is it worth more to you than your 'why'? If you have a big enough 'why', you are more likely to resist and stay on track.

I would love to know your 'why'! Please leave it in the comments below and you've already written yours down for today!


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