A Journey to Weight Loss Redemption | Part One

I remember the exact day that my weight became an issue. February 14, 1977.

My high school boyfriend gave me a 10 lbs. box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day and a cute little bear (that I couldn’t eat). I mindlessly ate that chocolate for about 3 days without a care in the world-until I went to put on my cheer leading outfit. What happened?? Honestly, I was shocked that this could happen to ME – out for all sports, cheer leading etc… How could a box of chocolates derail my life like this?

Keep in mind that I had grown up with a mom who was constantly on a diet from Monday morning to Friday afternoon – she was an original ‘weekend-warrior’!

So I knew about ‘dieting’ but didn’t know the right way to do it. And so it began…my journey into this mysterious world of “Lose 10 lbs. Overnight” or “The Cookie Diet” (yes, there really was a diet with cookies) or of course STARVATION. And some of my classmates were right there with me – what one didn’t think of, another one did. Not a good combination. Were we successful?


If there was a new magazine article about weight loss, a new book or a new product – think Dexatrim – we were on it! A lot of us worked at a local grocery store so we were privy to all sorts of magazines, books etc… but we also had access to ALL kinds of food that we constantly saw coming across our checkout stands. Checking out groceries is a tough gig when you’re trying to lose weight.

I did have friends who were successful in losing weight that summer but their health was so compromised, they continue to have health issues to this day. For me, success would take a couple of years…but that’s a story for another day!


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