Active and Vital in my Later Years 

My feet don’t hurt anymore, my legs, back ….feel like new…my psoriasis is in remission(lowered inflammation in my body)…I sleep quietly… I have given away dozens of 1x-3x size garments…my feet are narrower, my ear lobes are thinner….yes my ear lobes! I can bend over, pick up and exercise more freely, walk anywhere and stand for the normal amount of time, and the list goes on.  

What am I talking about?  

My 76 inches, 55 lb. weight loss. One day a few months ago I called Diet Center and said….I’d like to lose 15 lbs. My Diet Center counselor will never forget those words. I made that statement because I knew I couldn’t lose anymore - if even that. My Diet Center Counselor, Karen Johnson and her staff have been my 'encouragers' throughout this whole process. It is not easy…temptations are everywhere. One day recently I was baking chocolate chip cookies to thank our neighbor for some much needed help. Sitting in front of me was a bowl of chocolate chips and bit by bit, the handfuls seemed to find their way into my mouth. Let me tell you, that sugar did a number on my body and I learned a very important lesson – those habits I have broken need to be monitored very closely. 

Beyond that experience I have learned how to eat, the importance of water to my body and how to use my Diet Center tools – the snacks, drinks and meal bars available if needed. Let me encourage you to give Diet Center a serious thought….Karen and her staff are kind, supportive, and knowledgeable….no fat shaming here.  

Oh yes did I tell you I am 80 years old and still at it! 

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