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Karen Johnson

Owner & Health Counselor

Nicole Durning

Health Counselor & Yoga Instructor

Tell us about your journey to a healthy lifestyle:


I never put much thought to my weight in high school. I could eat anything I wanted, for instance I could down a double quarter pounder faster than my dad, but that all changed 2 babies and 10 years later. My reason in the beginning was pure vanity... I wanted to look good! I wanted a six-pack, fit into a size 2 and sit down without feeling anything "fold over." But as you know, that's never enough and back I went to my old unhealthy ways. It wasn't until I was able to be completely honest with myself that I started making lasting changes.


I've battled just about everything you can imagine. Divorce, depression, self image issues, low self-esteem, alcoholism. I'm so grateful today for my struggles because they've led me to get down and dirty and really discover myself and what truly makes me happy and allows me to be the best version of myself for my two teenage boys. Now, I want to help others find their true selves and what makes them happy. My experiences have led me to Beachbody coaching, instructing group fitness, become a certified personal trainer and health coach and a registered yoga teacher. I personally know how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally and am extremely passionate about walking hand in hand with others along their journey.


What is most rewarding to you?


Setting a good example to my kids and the moment that someone realizes they are worth it. It's OK to take some time to yourself. Actually, it's necessary. You cannot pour from an empty cup and you need others to help fill your cup back up. 


We completely underestimate what we're capable of accomplishing, especially us women and my biggest goal when working with someone is getting them to know that THEY CAN DO IT!


What would your life motto be?


Ladies let's start fixing each other's crowns instead of knocking them off.