Planning ahead to eat healthy during the workweek is a simple way to build a healthy diet into your routine while also allowing for a little ad lib fun on the weekends. But even for those of us who aim to eat well during the week, it’s easy to get derailed when there’s nothing quick/exciting in the fridge, or when we’re running late and have to cobble together a lunch of pre-packaged granola bars.


Eating healthy throughout the week is totally possible with a little planning and preparation. Once you know what you’re aiming for, you can shop smart and spend a couple hours each week stocking your fridge with foods you can easily grab and take to lunch each day. And, if you’re short on time in the evenings, these same foods can double as dinner ingredients.

We created a Healthy Meal Planning Workbook to help with this. You can plan out specific recipes you’d like to make, or simply note “big salad” or “macro bowl” (some protein + some complex carbs + some healthy fats) for certain meals.

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